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    You can stop the calls from creditors and regain control of your life and finances. Find out how CCSAC can help you get your life and credit back.

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    Established in 1994, Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada is a registered non-profit organization with several offices located throughout Atlantic Canada. Our accredited financial counsellors provide confidential and professional counselling to help you reach your financial goals through a variety of programs. Whether you need a budget created, information on using credit wisely or a Debt Management Program – CCSAC will help you find a solution that works.

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    You may feel stressed and overwhelmed, but don’t worry, CCSAC has several tools to assist you with your situation.

    The MONEY QUIZ will help you guage your financial fitness.
    The CALCULATORS will help you figure out your budget.
    The APPLICATION will allow you to connect with our offices and book an appointment to go over your concerns
    The NEWSLETTER will give you updates and ongoing advise for budgeting and money management.

    If you would like to receive more information about our services or schedule an appointment, please contact us at: CCS of Atlantic Canada, Inc.
    Toll free: 1-888-753-2227

    John D. Eisner, President, ext. 204
    Tamara Kelly, Director of Education, ext. 219

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Get out of debt with budget counselling, debt management and consolidation relief

Are you working hard every day, but never seem to have anything left in your bank account at the end of the month? Would you like to know exactly where your money is going? Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada, Inc. (CCSAC) offers help with credit card debt, budget counselling, debt repayment plans, financial education and more to help you on your way to financial freedom. If you're looking for debt relief, we can help. A certified credit counsellor can provide budget counselling, debt management solutions and consolidation relief. With several offices located across Atlantic Canada, we are able to provide guidance to consumers who are looking to solve their debt problems. CCSAC will help you find a solution that works.


What is it that you do? How can you help me?
We set up an appointment for you to meet with one of our certified counsellors, who will review your financial situation and provide you with a budget planner along with information and recommendations to help address any of your concerns.

Am I eligible for your services?
We serve anyone who needs advice on how to manage money, as well as reduce or eliminate debts. There are no limits on age, gender, race, colour, creed, or income level. However, clients must be the age of majority.

How can you help with debt repayment? Do you loan money?
We offer a Debt Management Program for consumers having difficulty meeting their monthly payment obligations and require assistance negotiating reduced payment and interest terms. We contact creditors on their behalf and propose a payment schedule based on the client’s ability to pay. Creditors are also asked to stop, or reduce interest, for the duration of the program. Once an agreement has been made with each creditor, they will be asked to contact us instead of the client with any questions or concerns until the debts are fully paid. This program doesn’t involve loaning money. The client will be required to make one monthly deposit that we will disburse to each creditor on their behalf.

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