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Getting Ready for Post-Secondary Education

Getting ready for university or college? 

Before you go:

  • Research the course and academic institutions that interest you to find out how much your education will cost. 
  • Factor in the full cost of tuition fees, books, housing, entertainment, clothing, transportation, phone, utilities, food and any other possible living expenses.
  • Add all potential sources of paying for your education including savings, any contribution your parents can make as well as working part-time. Investigate all the different ways to pay for your education including scholarships, bursaries and grants.  

Now that you have numbers, you can make a budget and get an idea of whether or not you will need other financial aid.

If you qualify for financial aid make sure you know the repayment details.  It’s not only the amount you borrow; it's how long it will take you to pay it back and the interest that is added.  Borrow only what you need – the more you borrow, the more you have to pay back. Any other loan, or line of credit, if possible should be avoided.

Do your best to graduate with as little debt as possible. The financial decisions you make now can affect you financial freedom in the future.

Some ways to save money include living at home, taking the bus, taking on a summer job or part-time work to supplement your savings, avoiding credit cards or personal loans and being creative to keep your education and living costs low.


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